Services and Investment

In order to give you the attention you deserve, we accept a limited number of commissions each year. We want to get to know you and learn what makes you the unique couple that you are. Without getting to know our couples our images and films would all look alike. We try to make every wedding film different. There's nothing "cookie cutter" about us.

Have a look at our work. We think you’ll see the difference. Another benefit of getting to know us and vise versa is the comfort level on your big day. We offer support services such as engagement photography and Boudoir photography too. Both are great practice for being in front of the camera, be it for stills or film. By your wedding day we’ll be far from strangers. We keep it real. There’s no re-shoots in our films. Fake re-do’s from non-actors is easy to spot and there’s no place for acting on your wedding day. For us it’s not just your wedding day, it's a snapshot of who you are as a couple today and what makes you unique. In five, ten, twenty years we will all have changed. It’s being able to capture those details that you take for granted that make the real value in choosing us.

Once the wedding day is over, the food & cake is eaten, the band stops playing, the flowers wilt and the decorations are put away... all you'll have left is your memories, your photographs and your film of your special day to share with your children and their children. They will form the start of your family's legacy.

Pricing -Our collections start at $1900 for photography and $2,600 for cinematography. For film we cover the entire day from start to finish. Although it can be a long and busy day, the real magic and work comes with the post production editing over the weeks that follow.

Fill out our convenient contact form or call us at 807.473.5153 so we can talk more about your wedding. We’ll show you samples of our wedding albums and feature films, and help you decide what coverage is best for you. When contacting us please let us know the date of your wedding along with what you would like to see in your photography package or wedding film.

Although the advantages of working together as a couple are many, we do work separately if you have already chosen another vendor. Let's get started! Your Story starts here