Why Us?

Besides being a team, we're also a couple in love...

We get it.

We love weddings and we're proud to be able to be closest to a couple during the happiest day of their life. Although we get along well with other vendors in the wedding community, there's something to be said about working with someone you know well. When we show up we know how each other works. We know their styles, their schedules and we know how not to be in their way. We talk about about the day many days in advance to set up an efficient game plan. We know how to take signals from each other without being disruptive.Even though photography and cinema are two totally separate entities, we try not to duplicate a lot of our coverage when it comes to details and formal shoots. Have a look at our work and SEE the difference!

Izabela - Photographer, Editor From the moment I picked up a camera for the first time in high school and captured her senior class friends, I knew I was onto something special. Seeing those bright faces, looking forward to the future, was the precursor to my career today.Through years of college courses and life experiences, the smell of darkroom chemicals was never far away, and my dreams to capture more memorable moments for others ultimately led me to my career as a family photographer. After all, what is more special than capturing those special moments in life, especially your wedding?

Alan - Cinematographer, Editor There's something to be said about being a part of a couple's biggest day of their lives. And to be trusted to tell the story of their day in a touching yet meaningful way is quite a privilege. It is a wonderful feeling to sit down with the couple in our viewing room and see the emotion in their eyes when they see their highlights for the first time. I don't think there's another job quite like it. It starts from a simple meeting, then learning more about the couple, hanging out a little bit, then showing up as friends on the big day. The result is a comfort level that produces the most natural and true to life story of their day.I began my video career as a broadcaster at Thunder Bay Television. Although the equipment and styles of wedding video back then was quite crude. I loved the creativity of video editing and have kept up with it over the years with both commercial video and personal projects. Meeting Izabela ignited the passion of wanting to make wedding films that matter. I wanted to make wedding films that wouldn't end up in a closet after the first viewing. I've kept up my education by attending professional workshops as well as networking with the best in the business from around the world.

Remember, after the wedding the only thing you take with you is the dress, your photo images and wedding video. We want to create a legacy for your future children and their children.

We also know what it's like to be on the other side of the camera. Here's our wedding film from 2014 courtesy of Cherry Tree Films.