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John and Tami – A Fall spectacular

When we first learned the date of John and Tami’s wedding the first thing I thought was cold and snow. We’ve had both at this time of year. We sure were pleasantly surprised. We hit a record high of 31C that day. The fall colours had peaked that weekend. When it came to the part of colour correction I basically left the colours alone as they spoke so much to feeling of the day….warm and beautiful. For an outdoor wedding I never thought I’d have to be concerned with equipment overheating in October! The ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Whitefox Inn and was capped with an outdoor bonfire in the evening. The fire by the way, was used for light and not heat as temptures remained at 21C overnight. Overnight temperture is something we normally don’t blog about, but for those of you familiar with this part of the country it is extremely rare to stay this warm into the night in October.

Kerrie and Cory wedding

After running with Kerrie and Cory with the steadicam for their engagement shoot in Grand Marais I knew we’d be in for a fitness wedding. Kerrie planned a morning workout with her girls and Cory planned a morning cycle. The cycle got rained out but the girls plugged along.

Being an outdoor wedding rain played a part of the day but sure didn’t dampen their spirits. Kerrie’s Dad was ready for the rain as he prepared pallets to be used as a bridge to enter the somewhat moist tent floor. Kerrie is Canadian. Cory is American. This union spawned a hilarious international “Who wants to be a Millionaire” trivia quiz. It appeared the questions were a bit harder (if not impossible) for Cory. Thankfully, he had a politician in the audience to answer the question “Who was Canada’s Prime Minister….in 1950”. Kerrie on the other hand was asked who the current US President is.

Kerrie and Cory – Engagement session in Grand Marais

We met Kerrie a few years ago having sailed on her Dad and Step Mom’s boat (See Bella); but that’s another story.  We talked about a few ideas for their engagement shoot around the city but thought the town of Grand Marais Minnesota where they live would be perfect.  For many of us in Thunder Bay, Grand Marais is a quick pit stop on the way to Duluth.  It’s a beautiful town on Lake Superior.  They took us to the place where they met and had us walking along the break wall.  I was taken back by lovers inscriptions in the soft rock that dates back to 1902!
With both Kerrie and Cory heavily into fitness and healthy eating it was quick to see that it also became the theme of the day.  It also meant me testing myself to see how fast I could run with a steadicam!  I was a lovely afternoon topped off with a fabulous dinner at the Angry Trout.  We can’t wait to share the rest of their story this summer.  For now, here’s their engagement story.