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Happy Cake Smoosh!

Little lion baby Kayne recently graduated from his Baby’s First Year Plan.

And as so many before him he celebrated with a fabulous cake smoosh! However, rather than eat it he showed a very artistic bend and decided to paint the studio floor with the blue and yellow icing…

As with previous sessions Kayne’s mom brought several cute outfits for him to wear and we had a lot of fun playing dress-up with this gorgeous little man.

Happy Birthday Kayne…it was such a pleasure getting to know you and seeing you grow over the past year!

Jason + Alyssa – pre-wedding fun in Mexico

Although the weather here was starting to show signs of spring nothing beats a wedding near the ocean. Chris packed the gear while I stayed back and observed the odd iPad post to rub it in. There was a big family crew on hand for the wedding celebrations. The wedding is all about Jason & Alyssa; and you’ll see that soon!….this about the people who were there to witness their special day.

Rain? What rain?

Alan and I met Nikki & Jason earlier this year when we consulted on their forthcoming wedding. After we met them we were completely taken with this loving and fun couple and more than happy to capture their wedding day.

The day we planned their E-Session was miserable and rainy so we decided to postpone to the following week when the weather man promised warmer temperatures and clearer skys. However when that day arrived we were faced with the same conditions. Nikki and I texted back and forth all day as we watched the storm clouds blow in over the city…and then pass…and then return. Nikki was keen to continue and kept her fingers crossed. Lucky she did as we ended up having one of the nicest evening shoots I can remember in a long time…

Alan and I are so excited to be a part of their wedding day this fall.