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Cinevate Hedron Review

I’ve been using the Cinevate Atlas 30 for a few years.  It has become the workhorse in dolly moves.  The Atlas is built like a tank.  It’s been through -30C icy weather, hot heat, dust, you name it; it’s seen it.  It still slides like the day I bought it.  So when I heard about a new slider I was a bit skeptical that something could out do the Atlas.  Cue the Hedron….btw, it’s pronounced “Hee-drawn”, not “Head Drawn” like I mention it in the video 🙂

I was amazed at how smooth this unit is.  Vibration free, quiet and consistent.  Three things you need in a slider.   The pulley/flywheel design means you get smooth consistent slides every time.  The Hedron uses the same All-terrain legs that come with the Atlas.  These legs allow you to adjust for almost any kind of terrain.  It’s rare that I’m on a totally flat surface.   As mentioned in the video, I’m notorius to making fast slides.  The flywheel keeps my speed in check.

The one thing that makes me nervous is the fly-wheel hanging out the end.  When I’m in a rush I know there’s the odd chance of banging it.  But judging from the build of this unit I think it’s what I hit will take the damage not the Hedron!

If you’ve ever used a Cinevate slider in the past, you’ll know about the build quality I’m talking about.  They’ve taken it up a notch with this one.



Jason and Nikki

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To say this wedding was fun is an understatement. When we met Nikki and Jason back in the spring we knew we were in for a fun story. Over the spring and summer we got to spend some time getting to know them. With both of them working conflicting shifts they really appreciate the time they have together. From the simple moments like getting groceries or preparing dinner they do it together. Our e-session took us to the Tree Farm as well as a shopping outing complete with a fabulous dinner afterwards.

Having attended a bunch of weddings over the years you get to hear it all during the speeches. Well, this was one to remember. I haven’t laughed so hard in years; it’s a surprise I kept the camera steady. Jason and Nikki, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and we wish you both a long life of happiness.

Alan, Izabela, and Chris