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Katie and Maneet

When we met Katie and Maneet in the summer of 2012 I remember hearing May 25th was a long way off. Fast forward through a long blustery winter and we’re weeks away from their big day. Our date night consisted of a walk to the Marina trying to make it look like spring at the end of April. Perhaps the solid ice on the lake gave it away! After a nice dinner we got to know them a lot better and quickly picked up on how in tune they are with each other.

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For us this was no ordinary wedding day…that’s because it spanned two days. The traditional North American ceremony was on Saturday and their Hindu ceremony on Sunday. We were quickly taken in by the colours, the mood and the warmth of the family that surrounded them. The blend of the two ceremonies was a natural fit, and a treat to be a part of.

Alan & Izabela

Katie and Maneet…a teaser

Coming Soon…


Next week we’ll be premiering Katie and Maneet’s wedding. This is the part we really love. After meeting them over a year ago we’ve spent a fair bit of time getting to know them. From the “date” session in May (complete with snow!) to their special day at the end of the month it’s exciting watching it all unfold. We can’t wait to see their reaction here in the studio next week. You’ll get to see it soon too.