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Tim and Shawna – Thunder Bay Destination Wedding

A destination wedding in Thunder Bay? Why, yes! Tim and Shawna’s story started here in Thunder Bay, so it is only fitting that their wedding story starts here as well. They met here several years ago as students at Lakehead University. A typical lunch time date consisted of going to Maltese Grocery, getting a sandwich and taking it to Hillcrest Park to enjoy the view. When they told me this story and mentioned how much they missed that we suggested they grab a sandwich for old time’s sake.

What better way to get to know a couple than see them come back to the place where they used to hang out when they were dating! It’s customary at a reception to recognize the out of town guests but, at this wedding it would have been easier to introduce the local guests. It’s interesting to see and hear their perspective of a Thunder Bay wedding. I don’t want to give up the rest of the story.

Congratulations Tim & Shawna!


Alan & Izabela

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Caroline and Josh

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