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John and Brittany

I could tell from the moment I met them that they were in love. The way they looked at each other, smiled at each other, and gentle displays of affection made me realize early on that they would fun and easy to capture. We had a fun evening at the Cascades. I asked John a simple question of how they met and I received one of the most heartfelt answers ever!

I always love when couples write their own vows. It’s incredibly personal. And it’s a snapshot of who they are today. It’s because these vows are so personal that it’s hard not to get emotional reading them or even listening to them. That was quite apparent when Brittany asked if she could kiss John after his vows. Here’s the story of John & Brittany. Their day, and they’re snapshot in time.

Jessica and Nick

We knew this was going to be fun wedding from the moment they walked through the door.  For Jessica, music is a part of her life.  We spent the time capturing her at the piano playing Canon; which was also their processional march.  Their ceremony was at Redwood Church.  The words from Pastor Joel were so inspiring that they became the soundtrack of the film.   After a beautiful ceremony and reception we were invited to their after party at Jessica’s parents camp (that’s cabin or cottage for you outta towners!).

We were there to film, but we were treated as guests and ended up spending the entire day with their friends and family.  This is what we love about our job….the fact that it doesn’t feel like one.   We met them as clients and left as friends.  Who could ask for a better job?

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Cory and Tara – Thunder Bay Wedding Photo and Video

A wedding is usually the mark of a new life together.  We had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at their new life together as they begin construction of their new home.  A quick few minutes out of town took us to the footprint to what is now their new home.   The outdoor theme continued with post ceremony pictures at Vickers Manor followed by the reception at Stepstone.  It was a beautiful evening under the tent.  The night was full of great speeches, surprise guests (Psy), and a few skeeters.

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