John and Marinna – A teaser


Normally by now we’d be showing you their wedding that took place in August. But when you think of it, their story starts now. We followed their life early in the spring when we learned John was still stationed in Afghanistan. In fact our first few meetings were via Skype. He made a few short visits home, then another for the wedding. They were off for a quick honeymoon, then he was back in Afghanistan. That final day came December 7, 2013. He’s coming home. Their first day together starts today.

The rest of their story is coming soon!



Katie and Maneet…a teaser

Coming Soon…


Next week we’ll be premiering Katie and Maneet’s wedding. This is the part we really love. After meeting them over a year ago we’ve spent a fair bit of time getting to know them. From the “date” session in May (complete with snow!) to their special day at the end of the month it’s exciting watching it all unfold. We can’t wait to see their reaction here in the studio next week. You’ll get to see it soon too.