A wedding that started with a Hawaiian themed rehearsal was only fitting to the tropical summer we’ve experienced this year.

Their wedding fell on the same weekend as the Bluesfest which Imagine Films also covered (yes, busy day!!). Eric had mentioned to me that they were invited to Patrick Sharp’s Stanley Cup party. Sadly, it was on the same day. I caught up with Patrick as he left the Bluesfest where he offered a quick message to Eric.

Normally, when filming I try not to get the subjects to look at the camera. If they do, I move on to something else. But with Eric and his Dad Mike I noticed a simliarity in the two and had to include their winks and gestures in the film.

The church adverstised air conditioning, but it was all heat at the altar! The reception was held at a local golf course and what better way to relax after the ceremony than to hit a few balls at the range. Carleigh is the golfer, although Eric tried heavily to show his skill.

Eric and Carleigh from Alan Auld | Imagine Photo Cinema