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Newborn Photography

Please contact us long before baby arrives. We offer a “Bump to Baby” package so we’ll know when to expect you if we’re capturing your pregnancy portraits. Otherwise we’ll need to chat and plan your session before your due date. Once you’ve reserved a session we’ll send you a preparation package to help you, your partner and of course baby prepare for the session. Once baby arrives you’ll contact us and we’ll confirm your reservation within the first 15 days of baby’s arrival.

No-one can be sure when baby will make it’s appearance unless you have a C-section scheduled so once you reserve with the studio we will be “on alert” for when baby makes an appearance. We ask you to let us know as soon s possible when that happens so we can make our 3 hour newborn session available to you within that all important 15 days.
Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan: baby comes early, or late, or there are unforeseen complications which make those magic 15 days impossible, no problem… we’ll make it work! However, the older baby is the less likely they are to be able to tolerate all the various poses we love to do, or to sleep as soundly as a newer baby. This being said, every baby is different and every session is different.

Arrive at the arranged time with any special accessories and props you wanted to include in the session to personalize your images. These should be family heirlooms, special toys and meaningful handmade items. Otherwise we have years worth of accessories, props, blankets, furs, backdrops, boxes, baskets, clothing, hats and headbands for your use during the session. We’ll discuss before your session about colours, styles, themes and any special considerations.

Safety in the studio is always important but no more so that when photographing a precious and delicate newborn. Izabela is a trained nurse as well as a mother of two. She believes that having an understanding of a baby’s anatomy is paramount to safe handling. She has been photographing newborns for over 18 years. Izabela has also invested in specialized training with several world renowned photographers in the delicate and specialized art of newborn posing and handling. She will never put baby’s safety at risk for an image.

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