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Every woman deserves a lovely portrait of herself. Whether she shares it with her children and family or keeps it for herself. Every woman deserves to see the beauty within her, sometimes for the first time. Our Modern Glamour session is like no other in Thunder Bay.

It’s our aim to provide you with an amazing experience from the moment you arrive in our custom studio with clean hair and a clean face, to the moment you leave looking amazing, standing a few inches taller and walking like you own the world!
Here’s a few FAQ’s to help you…
Whats included in the session?
It includes a phone or in-studio consultation where we can discuss outfits and the general look of your session. You’ll get advice on your wardrobe, accessories and how to prepare for your session. You’ll be guided through all the figure flattering poses for up to 2 hours in several outfits from casual wear to dreamy evening gowns. There will be approximately 40 magazine quality finished images to chose from after they have been edited.
Is hair and make-up included?
Every session includes in-studio hair styling and makeup application by qualified professionals experienced with working with photographers.
What can I expect on the shoot day?
You’ll arrive with your outfits and accessories at 1pm. Your hair will be clean and you face will be clean and moisturized ready for make-up.
After our team have glammed you up to the max, you’ll change into the first of three outfits and start your 1.5 to 2hr in front of the camera. No need to worry about not knowing what to do in front of the lens as you will be professionally guided through poses that will result in beautiful, figure flattering images.
When will I see the finished images?
A few weeks after the session you’ll be invited back to the studio to view your fully edited images on our viewing room big screen and make your purchasing decisions.
Can I have headshots done for use in business during the session too?
Professional executive portraits can be included in any MG session with the application of the correct clothing or accessories.
I’d love to have a few images with my daughter/mother/husband included, is that possible? All clients are invited to “bring a friend” to share the experience for a total sitting fee of $325. That can be your best friend, sister, mother, daughter or even your partner… whom ever you like. Sitting fees for just one person are $250

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