John and Brittany

I could tell from the moment I met them that they were in love. The way they looked at each other, smiled at each other, and gentle displays of affection made me realize early on that they would fun and easy to capture. We had a fun evening at the Cascades. I asked John a simple question of how they met and I received one of the most heartfelt answers ever!

I always love when couples write their own vows. It’s incredibly personal. And it’s a snapshot of who they are today. It’s because these vows are so personal that it’s hard not to get emotional reading them or even listening to them. That was quite apparent when Brittany asked if she could kiss John after his vows. Here’s the story of John & Brittany. Their day, and they’re snapshot in time.

Jessica and Nick

We knew this was going to be fun wedding from the moment they walked through the door.  For Jessica, music is a part of her life.  We spent the time capturing her at the piano playing Canon; which was also their processional march.  Their ceremony was at Redwood Church.  The words from Pastor Joel were so inspiring that they became the soundtrack of the film.   After a beautiful ceremony and reception we were invited to their after party at Jessica’s parents camp (that’s cabin or cottage for you outta towners!).

We were there to film, but we were treated as guests and ended up spending the entire day with their friends and family.  This is what we love about our job….the fact that it doesn’t feel like one.   We met them as clients and left as friends.  Who could ask for a better job?

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Cory and Tara – Thunder Bay Wedding Photo and Video

A wedding is usually the mark of a new life together.  We had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at their new life together as they begin construction of their new home.  A quick few minutes out of town took us to the footprint to what is now their new home.   The outdoor theme continued with post ceremony pictures at Vickers Manor followed by the reception at Stepstone.  It was a beautiful evening under the tent.  The night was full of great speeches, surprise guests (Psy), and a few skeeters.

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Tim and Shawna – Thunder Bay Destination Wedding

A destination wedding in Thunder Bay? Why, yes! Tim and Shawna’s story started here in Thunder Bay, so it is only fitting that their wedding story starts here as well. They met here several years ago as students at Lakehead University. A typical lunch time date consisted of going to Maltese Grocery, getting a sandwich and taking it to Hillcrest Park to enjoy the view. When they told me this story and mentioned how much they missed that we suggested they grab a sandwich for old time’s sake.

What better way to get to know a couple than see them come back to the place where they used to hang out when they were dating! It’s customary at a reception to recognize the out of town guests but, at this wedding it would have been easier to introduce the local guests. It’s interesting to see and hear their perspective of a Thunder Bay wedding. I don’t want to give up the rest of the story.

Congratulations Tim & Shawna!


Alan & Izabela

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Caroline and Josh

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Amanda and Steve… so in love! An Engagement Session.

This engagement session may be one of our all time favourites! Amanda and Steve were the sweetest couple on their e-session. So clearly in love and giddy with anticipation of their wedding day. Completely comfortable with each other and in front of the camera. At times I’m pretty sure they forgot we were even there! Alan buzzed around them with the drone getting aerial footage for their wedding film while I stood back and let the magic unfold! This was a great taste of what’s to come for their wedding day.










John & Marinna’s engagement film wins award at WPPI

2014wppi16x20-SilverAward 100x100We were so thrilled to not only place, but score high enough to win a Silver Award of Excellence at WPPI in Las Vegas this year.  What is WPPI you ask?  The Wedding Portrait & Photographers International hosts an annual competition for photographers around the world.  This year they opened it up to film makers.  This film scored in the top 30.  We were over the moon given the good company we were in.

I know that awards can be very self serving.  Couples don’t tend to pay attention to awards.  I’m guessing many have never even heard of the award.  But for us we see it as a recognition of work the reaffirms us that no matter where you live and what gear you use the potential for great work is possible.

Thanks to John & Marinna for being a part of this.

Alan & Izabela

WPPI 2014 – Las Vegas

Every year in March the Wedding Portrait Photography International hosts their annual conference and Expo in Las Vegas. For wedding photographers it’s the Mecca event of the year where they can learn from the best in the world, network with colleagues and see the latest in technology.

This year they added film making to the conference which made it really worth while for both of us to go. We learned so much in that short week and met some of the best in the industry. Personally, I can’t await to apply what I’ve learned to my 2014 weddings.

I didn’t plan to film at WPPI but it was hard not to once we got there. Armed only with a Canon 5diii, 24-105f4, 16-35f2.8, 135f2 and a monopod I did my best to capture the week mostly handheld. We arrived before the expo and took a few days off after to relax and see the sights. What an inspiring week. It went by about as fast as this video!
Music licensed by

Appearances by Sal Cincotta, David Williams, Jerry Ghionis, Melissa Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Sandy Puc, and Jason Groupp

Song – “Vegas Baby”
Artist – Blue Stahli

John and Marinna – Lakeside wedding

This is a wedding story that couldn’t be told in one day.  We begin in July when John plans his last trip home before the wedding.  Marinna surprises him by being in town the day he gets home.  That part of the story was covered in a previous blog post and can be seen here. The wedding was set in a beautiful setting at Dog Lake surrounded by close friends and family.  Soon, they were off on their honeymoon and then back to reality with John back in Afghanistan.  From the very beginning we were pulled in by their story of physical distance.  Yet they seemed to find some normalcy of their hectic life.   Normally we have a few meetings leading up to the wedding.  Budgets didn’t allow me to go to Kabul, so we used Skype.  I can’t imagine the experience working in Kabul; especially after going back there after your wedding.   When it was time to come home Thunder Bay Police Inspector Lorne Clifford told me he was going to make sure he had a hero’s welcome.  He assembled officers in full dress and brought along a piper from the Police Band.  The Giant Fm mentioned the homecoming on the radio.  It’s only fitting that this is where our story starts….where their life together begins.

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Joel and Danielle

 To say there was some anticipation with posting this wedding is an understatement. Over the years we’ve learned we get a better wedding film and story the more we work at getting to know our couples. After going over a few details I asked Joelle and Danielle if they ever considered writing their own vows for their wedding. The loved the idea and proceeded to work with the church to make it happen. During the ceremony the priest brought to our attention that in over 90 weddings he’s presided over this was the first where the couple wrote their own vows. It’s common at outdoor weddings but rare in a church. He was blown away with their words and so were we. It was an incredibly great feeling as well as an honour to think that we had a part in making that day the beautiful day it was.

When Danielle mentioned that not only was her sister Nicole planning on singing at their wedding but she had written a song for the two of I knew we had something really special here. There was no question that this song was to be the music used in the video. But that also created a challenge….finding time record. The earliest was mid December! We assembled Nicole, Noles and Steve here in our studio and recorded the song. They did it two takes!.


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Joel and Danielle – A wedding Teaser

It would be an understatement saying there has been a bit of anticipation with this one.   I’ve got so much more to say…but then, it wouldn’t be a teaser.

The rest of their story is coming soon! 

John and Marinna – A teaser


Normally by now we’d be showing you their wedding that took place in August. But when you think of it, their story starts now. We followed their life early in the spring when we learned John was still stationed in Afghanistan. In fact our first few meetings were via Skype. He made a few short visits home, then another for the wedding. They were off for a quick honeymoon, then he was back in Afghanistan. That final day came December 7, 2013. He’s coming home. Their first day together starts today.

The rest of their story is coming soon!