Katie and Maneet

When we met Katie and Maneet in the summer of 2012 I remember hearing May 25th was a long way off. Fast forward through a long blustery winter and we’re weeks away from their big day. Our date night consisted of a walk to the Marina trying to make it look like spring at the end of April. Perhaps the solid ice on the lake gave it away! After a nice dinner we got to know them a lot better and quickly picked up on how in tune they are with each other.

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For us this was no ordinary wedding day…that’s because it spanned two days. The traditional North American ceremony was on Saturday and their Hindu ceremony on Sunday. We were quickly taken in by the colours, the mood and the warmth of the family that surrounded them. The blend of the two ceremonies was a natural fit, and a treat to be a part of.

Alan & Izabela

Katie and Maneet…a teaser

Coming Soon…


Next week we’ll be premiering Katie and Maneet’s wedding. This is the part we really love. After meeting them over a year ago we’ve spent a fair bit of time getting to know them. From the “date” session in May (complete with snow!) to their special day at the end of the month it’s exciting watching it all unfold. We can’t wait to see their reaction here in the studio next week. You’ll get to see it soon too.



A Skype Engagement shoot

I love you to Afghanistan and back…

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From the first shoot we went on we knew we were capturing something really special. For an engagement shoot we normally meet, go out for a bite to eat, learn a little bit about the couple then get together again down the road and shoot somewhere that has meaning to them. We had one big problem this time around. She works in and out of town while he worked in Afghanastan. Definately not your typical couple…that’s for sure. John planned a trip home. Marinna also planned a trip hope but surprised him. The look on his face when he sees her at the airport was enough for me to understand their closeness.

We all read stories in the news about what it’s like to work in countries like these but no one tells you the personal side of what they’re missing back home. It’s not easy to live apart this long. I can’t imagine how it would have been 20 years ago without FaceTime and Skype. It was a pleasure to follow them both for the few weeks leading up to their August wedding.

Alan & Izabela

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Treveor and Dana – Pura Vida in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

I like long walks on a beach at sunset…ok, that’s an overused line once you’ve experienced it on Costa Rica you’ll want to go back again and again. Dana and Trevor love to travel together and having been here before it was an easy choice to invite 48 of their friends and family to join them at sunset on a beautiful beach.

We were there for the week. This was “wedding week” with something exciting going on every day. Guests at the RIU greeted us with “you’re with the wedding crew”. Their love of life and good times was shared with more than just the wedding party.

After experiencing one of the longest winters on record no one was complaining of the 30+C daily heat. We included the flight out as it was snowing so hard in Toronto we feared we would miss our flight. They closed the airport shortly after we left. It’s weather like this that makes you appreciate the warm breeze in Costa Rica. Here’s a glimpse at their week.

Jennifer and Tommy

We got to witness firsthand the beginning of the incredible adventure Jennifer and Tommy have started together. I am pumped to share with you a few minutes delightful, and boundless love. I’ve said it before, this is why we do what we do.

Nikki and Jason – Engagement

After such a wonderful response from Nikki & Jason’s family and friends we couldn’t help but release their engagement session.  I can hear Nikki now commenting about her “first thing in the morning” appearance (I think it was the only time I captured her not smiling!!).  The thing about this video is that it’s very real.  It’s a day in the life of a very special couple.   When it comes down to it, it’s about the time you spend together and what you make of it.  I really enjoyed capturing this brief snapshot in their life.  It’s a time where they’re both working different shifts and making the most of the brief moments they have together.   We can all learn something from this; both old and young.   This is something I’m sure they’ll look back on years from now and smile.   It captures the simple things of life; getting groceries, unpacking, cooking and just hanging out.  The wedding is the glamorous, fun party.  But, this piece is just as special.


Cinevate Hedron Review

I’ve been using the Cinevate Atlas 30 for a few years.  It has become the workhorse in dolly moves.  The Atlas is built like a tank.  It’s been through -30C icy weather, hot heat, dust, you name it; it’s seen it.  It still slides like the day I bought it.  So when I heard about a new slider I was a bit skeptical that something could out do the Atlas.  Cue the Hedron….btw, it’s pronounced “Hee-drawn”, not “Head Drawn” like I mention it in the video 🙂

I was amazed at how smooth this unit is.  Vibration free, quiet and consistent.  Three things you need in a slider.   The pulley/flywheel design means you get smooth consistent slides every time.  The Hedron uses the same All-terrain legs that come with the Atlas.  These legs allow you to adjust for almost any kind of terrain.  It’s rare that I’m on a totally flat surface.   As mentioned in the video, I’m notorius to making fast slides.  The flywheel keeps my speed in check.

The one thing that makes me nervous is the fly-wheel hanging out the end.  When I’m in a rush I know there’s the odd chance of banging it.  But judging from the build of this unit I think it’s what I hit will take the damage not the Hedron!

If you’ve ever used a Cinevate slider in the past, you’ll know about the build quality I’m talking about.  They’ve taken it up a notch with this one.



Jason and Nikki

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To say this wedding was fun is an understatement. When we met Nikki and Jason back in the spring we knew we were in for a fun story. Over the spring and summer we got to spend some time getting to know them. With both of them working conflicting shifts they really appreciate the time they have together. From the simple moments like getting groceries or preparing dinner they do it together. Our e-session took us to the Tree Farm as well as a shopping outing complete with a fabulous dinner afterwards.

Having attended a bunch of weddings over the years you get to hear it all during the speeches. Well, this was one to remember. I haven’t laughed so hard in years; it’s a surprise I kept the camera steady. Jason and Nikki, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and we wish you both a long life of happiness.

Alan, Izabela, and Chris

Dana+Trevor’s E-Session

We met Dana and Trevor in Thunder Bay’s Boulevard Lake Park on one of those oh-so-fleeting days of Fall . It should be called “Thud” here in NW Ontario as leaves fall in what seems like one audible drop to the ground! Well, before that happened we were lucky to pick a lovely sunny evening and went for a walk around the lake to capture The Love!!

This cute couple will be tying the knot in sunny Costa Rica in January and Alan and I are thrilled to be going along to capture  the whole week’s events  with stills and video! Too exciting!


Jocelyn and Lindsay – Same Day Edit

With every couple we meet we strive harder to dig deeper to learn more about them and what makes them the unique couple they are.  With Jocelyn I got a bit of a break as I’ve known her since she was a little girl.    I’ve also known Lindsay’s Mom since I was in my 20’s.  So, what’s the problem with knowing the families so well?….trying to keep a Same Day Edit a secret!  I told them I was doing some sort of traditional slide show that you commonly see at wedding receptions.  The day started early with Chris joining Lindsay and the crew for golf.  They were supposed to tee off at 9am but at the last minute changed it to 8am.  You can imagine the sound of gears grinding when we got the wake up call at 7am from Lindsay saying “Chris, change of plans”!

Although Izabela is the Photo in Imagine Photo Cinema we don’t always work together.  It was a real pleasure to work with Shannon Lepere Photography throughout the day.  Click the link to view her photos from the day.  They’re awesome.    It was almost a year to the day that we worked together last year.  Once again, she took us to a fabulous industrial location for the formal shoot.  Here’s the wedding film along with some behind the scenes shots of the day.  By the way, Izy makes for a great Canon video shooter. 

Relay for LIfe: Thunder Bay

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life will be held Friday June 15th at Fort William Historical Park. We were there in 2010 and will be there again this Friday.

This one will be especially important for us. Two years ago I made an image of Alan holding two luminaries in honour of two cancer survivors: his birth and adoptive Moms. Sadly, his birth Mother Sandra lost her battle in August 2011.
Here’s a link to his blog on Imagine Photo Cinema: https://imaginephotocinema.com/2012/06/2012-relay-for-life/

It’s impossible to go through life without knowing someone who’s been affected by this horrible disease. We’ll be there again this year to honour those who are fighting, those who have survived and those who have fallen to this enemy.

Hope to see you there!