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Joel and Danielle

 To say there was some anticipation with posting this wedding is an understatement. Over the years we’ve learned we get a better wedding film and story the more we work at getting to know our couples. After going over a few details I asked Joelle and Danielle if they ever considered writing their own vows for their wedding. The loved the idea and proceeded to work with the church to make it happen. During the ceremony the priest brought to our attention that in over 90 weddings he’s presided over this was the first where the couple wrote their own vows. It’s common at outdoor weddings but rare in a church. He was blown away with their words and so were we. It was an incredibly great feeling as well as an honour to think that we had a part in making that day the beautiful day it was.

When Danielle mentioned that not only was her sister Nicole planning on singing at their wedding but she had written a song for the two of I knew we had something really special here. There was no question that this song was to be the music used in the video. But that also created a challenge….finding time record. The earliest was mid December! We assembled Nicole, Noles and Steve here in our studio and recorded the song. They did it two takes!.


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