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John and Marinna – Lakeside wedding

This is a wedding story that couldn’t be told in one day.  We begin in July when John plans his last trip home before the wedding.  Marinna surprises him by being in town the day he gets home.  That part of the story was covered in a previous blog post and can be seen here. The wedding was set in a beautiful setting at Dog Lake surrounded by close friends and family.  Soon, they were off on their honeymoon and then back to reality with John back in Afghanistan.  From the very beginning we were pulled in by their story of physical distance.  Yet they seemed to find some normalcy of their hectic life.   Normally we have a few meetings leading up to the wedding.  Budgets didn’t allow me to go to Kabul, so we used Skype.  I can’t imagine the experience working in Kabul; especially after going back there after your wedding.   When it was time to come home Thunder Bay Police Inspector Lorne Clifford told me he was going to make sure he had a hero’s welcome.  He assembled officers in full dress and brought along a piper from the Police Band.  The Giant Fm mentioned the homecoming on the radio.  It’s only fitting that this is where our story starts….where their life together begins.

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