2014wppi16x20-SilverAward 100x100We were so thrilled to not only place, but score high enough to win a Silver Award of Excellence at WPPI in Las Vegas this year.  What is WPPI you ask?  The Wedding Portrait & Photographers International hosts an annual competition for photographers around the world.  This year they opened it up to film makers.  This film scored in the top 30.  We were over the moon given the good company we were in.

I know that awards can be very self serving.  Couples don’t tend to pay attention to awards.  I’m guessing many have never even heard of the award.  But for us we see it as a recognition of work the reaffirms us that no matter where you live and what gear you use the potential for great work is possible.

Thanks to John & Marinna for being a part of this.

Alan & Izabela