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London 2011 – Part 2

Like the mechanic who has cars that don’t run, or the carpenter with the unfinished shed, family vacation videos easily get pushed to the back burner.

We took so much footage in England that we have enough to make three films. Maybe before the trip is a year old I’ll have the third ready.

This one starts out in the back garden…a place where we enjoyed our mornings in the sun. The detail of Ewa’s garden in incredible. With so much time spent on the trains the story of our trip would be incomplete with the sounds of the rails and “Mind the Gap” references.

The coolest day was spent at Brighton. Still, the smell of the mist from the English channel stayed with us. Lastly, our tour of Hampton Court was right out of a movie. We returned home only to find that Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes II was filmed there.

Now, for a relaxing break then on to part three!


London Calling

Hey, it can’t be all work and no play, right?  This summer Izabela and I took the kids on a trip of a lifetime to London, England to visit her family.  I couldn’t help but bring all the video gear with me!  It’s interesting to experience the pull of wanting to grab a ton of little details that tell the story of your trip while being pulled the other direction to actually experience the little details. I have to thank Izabela and the girls for putting up with me while I changed lenses, balanced the Steadicam or wandered off to get a shot. I hope this film will make up for it.

London 2011 from Alan Auld | Imagine Photo Cinema on Vimeo.