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A Skype Engagement shoot

I love you to Afghanistan and back…

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From the first shoot we went on we knew we were capturing something really special. For an engagement shoot we normally meet, go out for a bite to eat, learn a little bit about the couple then get together again down the road and shoot somewhere that has meaning to them. We had one big problem this time around. She works in and out of town while he worked in Afghanastan. Definately not your typical couple…that’s for sure. John planned a trip home. Marinna also planned a trip hope but surprised him. The look on his face when he sees her at the airport was enough for me to understand their closeness.

We all read stories in the news about what it’s like to work in countries like these but no one tells you the personal side of what they’re missing back home. It’s not easy to live apart this long. I can’t imagine how it would have been 20 years ago without FaceTime and Skype. It was a pleasure to follow them both for the few weeks leading up to their August wedding.

Alan & Izabela

Treveor and Dana – Pura Vida in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

I like long walks on a beach at sunset…ok, that’s an overused line once you’ve experienced it on Costa Rica you’ll want to go back again and again. Dana and Trevor love to travel together and having been here before it was an easy choice to invite 48 of their friends and family to join them at sunset on a beautiful beach.

We were there for the week. This was “wedding week” with something exciting going on every day. Guests at the RIU greeted us with “you’re with the wedding crew”. Their love of life and good times was shared with more than just the wedding party.

After experiencing one of the longest winters on record no one was complaining of the 30+C daily heat. We included the flight out as it was snowing so hard in Toronto we feared we would miss our flight. They closed the airport shortly after we left. It’s weather like this that makes you appreciate the warm breeze in Costa Rica. Here’s a glimpse at their week.

Dana+Trevor’s E-Session

We met Dana and Trevor in Thunder Bay’s Boulevard Lake Park on one of those oh-so-fleeting days of Fall . It should be called “Thud” here in NW Ontario as leaves fall in what seems like one audible drop to the ground! Well, before that happened we were lucky to pick a lovely sunny evening and went for a walk around the lake to capture The Love!!

This cute couple will be tying the knot in sunny Costa Rica in January and Alan and I are thrilled to be going along to capture  the whole week’s events  with stills and video! Too exciting!


Rain? What rain?

Alan and I met Nikki & Jason earlier this year when we consulted on their forthcoming wedding. After we met them we were completely taken with this loving and fun couple and more than happy to capture their wedding day.

The day we planned their E-Session was miserable and rainy so we decided to postpone to the following week when the weather man promised warmer temperatures and clearer skys. However when that day arrived we were faced with the same conditions. Nikki and I texted back and forth all day as we watched the storm clouds blow in over the city…and then pass…and then return. Nikki was keen to continue and kept her fingers crossed. Lucky she did as we ended up having one of the nicest evening shoots I can remember in a long time…

Alan and I are so excited to be a part of their wedding day this fall.

Kerrie+Cory’s Grand Marais e-session

Kerrie and Cory recently got married but before we captured their big day Alan and I took a ride across the border and photographed their e-session against the backdrop of the lovely lakeside town of Grand Marais.

Kerry and Cory recently got married but before we captured their big day Alan and I took a ride across the border and photographed their e-session against the backdrop of the lovely lakeside town of Grand Marais.
A very active couple. they had just finished a pretty serious triathlon the day before and scooped the winning titles! Made us feel VERY lazy by comparison!

As they spend a lot of their time in this artful little town we chose to spend the day with them and visit their favorite haunts, including “Artists Point” where Cory proposed to his lovely bride.

Rossa + Scott’s e-session

Rossa + Scott will be getting married in October and Alan and I can’t wait! We met up last month for an e-session at The Cascades, Thunder Bay on a hot and sticky day. We weren’t the only ones to have that idea as the rocks where covered in lounging, tanning teens enjoying their holidays and the faint breeze coming up off the falls. No worries…with a little careful composition, a little friendly persuasion and a little Photoshop all evidence of sun worshipers was removed!
Rossa + Scott were great troopers and coped with the challenging conditions with ease. Alan and I know we’re going to have a great day shooting their wedding as no matter what comes up they won’t let it put a dent on their day.

Izabela Pioro Photography with Imagine films at this Sunday’s Wedding Show

The Thunder Bay Wedding Show is on this Sunday at The DaVinci and Alan and I will be there. We’ll be featuring Imagine films awesome wedding cinematography and letting everyone know that we’re working together to provide a fully comprehensive service with creative still images AND contemporary film coverage of the wedding day.

We’ll also be promoting “The Perfect Groom’s Gift”… an addition to my Boudoir experience that’s proving to be REALLY popular!
Stop by the booth if you’re in the area as we’d love to meet and chat with you whether you’re looking for wedding photography, cinematography, Boudoir or engagement portraits, Trash the Dress or all of the above!
See you there!

Thunder Bay Weddings – Tammy & Joe Trash the Dress

When Tammy asked us for something different in a wedding shoot she wasn’t kidding. Usually, brides chose to shoot their TTD session after the wedding. Tammy wanted to do it before the wedding….with a bit of a twist. She wanted to shoot a Shotgun wedding. Of course we were up to the challenge! Shot at her father’s shop; complete with the shotgun and the getaway car. Proud Dad almost stole the show with his convincing role. I loved the line “…if I would have shot him when I wanted to I’d be a free man by now”. Classic.

I went for the dark, horror story colour for the shoot; something usually not suited for a wedding. But for the theme, I think it worked.

Tammy and Joe – Trash the Dress from Alan Auld | Imagine Films on Vimeo.

Trash the Dress with Imagine films

Alan and I love working together, not only on weddings but engagement shoots as well as Trash the Dress shoots like this one from last fall. Tammy & Joe wanted something a little trash the dress BEFORE the wedding and use the images for their surprise wedding invitations. Tammy’s dad was a hoot and completely took on his role with great enthusiasm. Despite the rain and last minute change of venue the finished images and film worked out better than anyone anticipated![vimeo 20155687 w=400 h=225]

Tammy and Joe – Trash the Dress from Imagine Films on Vimeo.

Thunder Bay Weddings – Eric + Lauren

I knew it was going to be a fun day when I showed up to shoot the preps at the Country Club. Eric was in his work boots and joked about wearing them for the ceremony. There were lots of laughs during the day and into the evening, including the best man’s heart felt speech which turned out to be lyrics to a Rhianna song!
Lauren had a permanent smile on her face throughout the day. They both were fun to work with on that incredibly hot August day.

If you have a fast connection and a newer computer, click on the HD, and the four arrows to maximize the screen to watch it in High Definition.

Eric + Lauren – Under my Umbrella, Ella, Ella from Alan Auld | Imagine Photo Cinema

Thunder Bay Weddings – Eric and Carliegh

A wedding that started with a Hawaiian themed rehearsal was only fitting to the tropical summer we’ve experienced this year.

Their wedding fell on the same weekend as the Bluesfest which Imagine Films also covered (yes, busy day!!). Eric had mentioned to me that they were invited to Patrick Sharp’s Stanley Cup party. Sadly, it was on the same day. I caught up with Patrick as he left the Bluesfest where he offered a quick message to Eric.

Normally, when filming I try not to get the subjects to look at the camera. If they do, I move on to something else. But with Eric and his Dad Mike I noticed a simliarity in the two and had to include their winks and gestures in the film.

The church adverstised air conditioning, but it was all heat at the altar! The reception was held at a local golf course and what better way to relax after the ceremony than to hit a few balls at the range. Carleigh is the golfer, although Eric tried heavily to show his skill.

Eric and Carleigh from Alan Auld | Imagine Photo Cinema