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A Skype Engagement shoot

I love you to Afghanistan and back…

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From the first shoot we went on we knew we were capturing something really special. For an engagement shoot we normally meet, go out for a bite to eat, learn a little bit about the couple then get together again down the road and shoot somewhere that has meaning to them. We had one big problem this time around. She works in and out of town while he worked in Afghanastan. Definately not your typical couple…that’s for sure. John planned a trip home. Marinna also planned a trip hope but surprised him. The look on his face when he sees her at the airport was enough for me to understand their closeness.

We all read stories in the news about what it’s like to work in countries like these but no one tells you the personal side of what they’re missing back home. It’s not easy to live apart this long. I can’t imagine how it would have been 20 years ago without FaceTime and Skype. It was a pleasure to follow them both for the few weeks leading up to their August wedding.

Alan & Izabela

Jennifer and Tommy

We got to witness firsthand the beginning of the incredible adventure Jennifer and Tommy have started together. I am pumped to share with you a few minutes delightful, and boundless love. I’ve said it before, this is why we do what we do.