When Ted and Tammy told us they would be nervous in front of the camera we were up for the challenge! Any couple who has contacted us knows the emphasis we put on being a good fit for the day. Getting to know a couple puts them at ease once the cameras come out. We started with a beautiful evening out at Centennial Park. I fell off a fence and hobbled around while they giggled a bit. It wasn’t long that their true personalities were shining through.

Wedding day was a true family affair. With Robins coffees starting the day at their house Tammy was glowing watching her friends and daughter get ready. Instead of going to a hair salon to capture the girls get ready we did the opposite and followed Ted for a shave and trim. It was a beautiful ceremony in the historic St. Andrew’s Church. The formal shoot was in a rural settings on a hot, hazy, July day. The bridal party took the good advice of staying well hydrated by hanging out in the bus until the fluids were gone. We got some great shots in a rural setting. Ted pulled a few ticks from Tammy’s dress (he didn’t tell her until a few days later!).

Here’s the highlights of their day.  Congratulations again to this wonderful couple.